Training & recruitment

Offered programs

We offer a 6-week course in the green hell so that outsiders can get acquainted with the AWDF program. Those who really dare and are confident can join our ranks by following first a 40-week course.

Jungle Warfare Crashcamp (6 weeks)

The AWDF have the French legionnaires former Jungle Warfare Specialist in their unit who have safely diffused and penetrated/destroyed drugs labs and guerilla/terrorist groups in the jungles and mountains. The Jungle Warfare Specialists provide expert instruction to prepare Marine and Joint Forces for the rigors of combat in a dense jungle environment. Creating focused fearless Cell that offer Rotational unit operations, a tactical mindset and unit cohesion our instructors instill focused confidence, bolster leadership and challenge all individuals who train aboard.

Advanced Force Ranger (AFR) & Special Force Ranger (SFR) Recruitment

The wildlife conservation in the 21st century is in urgent need of hard-trained specialists. The old approach of ordinary field guide is long outdated. It is shameful to see how terrorists and criminal organizations better armed proceed against the regular rangers. We go to counterattack, by preparing candidates to an all-round elite ranger..

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The labor conditions


As a member of an elite unit you live primarily on the ground. You provide normal physical and mental effort. Depending on the circumstances,

- you must provide additional physical and mental effort
- you work without a permanent roster
- you have to deal with stressful situations
- you have to work in difficult and / or boring conditions
- take part in foreign missions

After graduation rangers can be deployed in their homeland! BUT, through a rotation you should also work in other countries.


During training
- Recruit - 10920.39 ZAR / 89333.46 KES a month

After graduation
- AFR - 14560.52 ZAR / 119111.28 KES a month
- SFR - 21840.78 ZAR / 178666.92 KES a month



  • Minimum age 18
  • M/F
  • The AWDF is open to all African citizens except for people from countries located north of the Sahel. We refuse African expats from outside Africa for ranger functions, this in order to draw radicalized candidates. In general non Africans, foreigners coming from outside Africa can only work as an instructor or scientist. (Preference; Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa)
  • Birth certificate
  • Identity card (valid for at least 5 years)
  • International passport (valid for at least 5 years)
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate of secondary education (passed)
  • Driving license (with proof of examination center)
  • International certificate of vaccination (Yellow card)
  • Medical fitness certificate (issued by a recognized national hospital)
  • Medical fitness certificate (issued by a recognized national hospital)
  • BMI 21-25
  • Biometric length between 170cm and +
  • No racial, political or religious issues
  • HIV negative
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Good stamina
  • Team player
  • You need to speak at least 2 of the following languages (Afrikaans, English, French, Igbo, Lingala, Portuguese, Swahilli)