Advanced Force Ranger (AFR) & Special Force Ranger (SFR) Recruitment


PHASE 1 (13 weeks)
- Military initiation phase (MIP) of 8 weeks

Recruits will learn rules and discipline, survival in the field, dealing with weapons, observation, protection techniques and individual combat techniques (camouflage, tactical progress, attack and defense techniques, new techniques, combat shooting).

- Military basic training (MBT) of 5 weeks

Recruits apply the techniques they have learned during the MIP to a team. Specialized professional training for 3 months in a training center for commands. They will learn specific commands mortar techniques (climbing, boating, close combat, combat swimming)
PHASE 2 (4 weeks)
- Game ranging
- Wildlife management
- Game lodge management
- Anti-poaching
- Mountain guiding
- Predator management on livestock farms
- Hunting
- Snake handling
- Counter Poaching - Ranger Information Exploitation Tracking (RIXT)
(Theoretical & Practical, + exams) 4 weeks
Attention! During PHASE 1 & 2 recruits are obliged to stay in the quarter. Communication is prohibited!
After 17 weeks in the green hell, recruits get their green berret. Recruits may invite family on graduation day and/or get one week off to visit family.

“Only” the best rangers complete their training to SFR.
- physically strongest rangers (Phase 1)
- best score on theoretical + practical exam (Phase 2)


PHASE 3 (12 weeks)
Specialization course AFR & SFR. (all rangers)

- Wildlife capturing and Chemical & Physical Restraint. Fast response in-situ treatment for animals in distress.
- Unmanned Airborne Systems Counter & Survivability (UAS C&S) or Drones. This training provides the practical and technical knowledge to understand how these systems are used and the successful methods, tactics and procedures to defeat and counter them.
- Long Range Target Interdiction (LRTI) – Sniper

Extra specialization course for SFR.

- Specialized professional training for 1 month in the training of parachutists. Here you will learn the techniques of skydiving. Free Fall Parachute Training. HALO, HAHO (stand-off) and Military Tandem (MTTB)

Extra specialization course for AFR & SFR. (option).

- K9 Training; Training with top handlers from the US. (Protection, attack, human tracking, and sniffing) with Belgian Bloodhounds and Malinois sherperds.
- Air Supply. Light and Medium Cargo

Recruit are free to communicate with family during lunch breaks or evening.
Recruits get one week off to visit family after 12 weeks.


PHASE 4 (11 weeks) (all rangers)

Internship in a unit of 2 months (private conservancy & national park) Expert evaluation during a variable period.