The NUTRECUL Agroforestry Project.

In 2012 the Belgian CICM Missionaries and the Flemish bakery consultant Guido Lasat entrusted managing director Jean DB an old agroforestry project of the late father Jacques Bijttebier in the rainforest of the D.R.Congo. The project which promotes the use of the indigenous multipurpose tree species Treculia africana is of great value, because it helps in the fight against malnutrition and climate change mitigation in Africa. The idea is to create a network of agricultural cooperatives so farmers can get a fair price for their crop. Because he received death threats from the Western Seed & Nutrition lobby. As of May 5, 2014, the project merged with the African Wildlife Defence Force (AWDF) to ensure the development of the innovative tropical forest conservation project




Treculia africana plantation management and consulting.

As an consequence of our vast experience, we are able to offer consulting services and ongoing management services. We offer assistance to non-profit organizations and small farmers seeking to establish plantations anywhere in Africa.

- Consulting services
- Site inspection / assessment
- Feasibility studies for new sites and ventures
- Nursery establishment and management
- Plantation establishment and management
- Plantation equipment and mechanization
- We also offer high quality Treculia Africana seeds
- We also offer high quality on a large-scale production of plants trough in-vitro techniques (Tissue Culture)